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Let´s row on the open lake!

Welcome to fish on our clean waters. Roppola holiday cottages have fishing areas both in Kolkonjärvi and in Hakojärvi lakes. Kolkonjärvi is famous for its clear, drinkable water and for its tasty whitefish as well as other fresh water fish. Hakojärvi has clear water and lots of fish, including the most common fresh water fish. If you come in the winter, the lakes are excellent also for ice-fishing.

Rowing boats are available at both cottages. There is also fishing equipment in the cottages, nets, weirs and fishing poles. Four life preservers come with the cottages.



Also in winter

The tranguil surroundings are full of things to do and see! The cottages are situated in a peaceful place far away from noise but still close by many attractions. The summer town of Savonlinna with its internationally famous Opera Festival, Olavinlinna Castle and Punkaharju are less than an hour´s drive away.

In Rantasalmi you can visit Linnansaari National Park and the Lakeland Centre "Nestori". If you enjoy hiking in the nature, you will find berries and mushrooms to pick right by the cottages. In the winter you can just put on your skis and go skiing right on the lake.

Have a look at our cottages Mantyniemi (Cod Pine) and Aurinkoranta (Sunny Beach)

Driving Instructions

The Hosts:

Arto Nykanen
Kolkonrannantie 325, 58940 Tuusmaki
(Rantasalmi municipality)

+358 500-646365
+358 50 3570100


Welcome to Roppola!